Center for innovation & Technology Development


ECITD is an independent centre and inclusive hub for connectivity, convening, and catalyzing R&D in support of innovation strategies, with a clear mandate to advance technology management and innovation practices. The centre examines complex multidisciplinary issues from diverse points of view by embracing a broad definition of "science", including health & biomedical, social and human sciences as well as engineering and Agro-food, and explores the respectful integration of traditional indigenous knowledge for maximizing technological and socioeconomic impact.

ECITD engages the best-qualified private, public and academic minds to participate actively in its work, applying rigorous and academically sound practices. Tackling core social and economic development issues caused by inefficient markets, ineffective governance, and inefficiencies within the innovation ecosystem, ECITD departments are well structured to address pressing challenges following multidisciplinary and evidence-based approaches. Operating as a social enterprise, ECITD extends its services and activities to a wide range of beneficiaries. ECITD's global presence is reinforced with offices & teams in Calgary, Tunis, Alexandria and Cairo in addition to a wide network of affiliate collaborators in Middle East countries.

Priority areas

Regional and Economic Development

  • SMEs Development, Development Planning and Program Management

  • Community Development Funds Management

  • Public and Private Sector Collaboration

  • Feasibility Studies, Market Surveys

  • Financial Advisory, Micro-Finance

  • Rural Development Projects

Technology and Innovation policies

  • Science policy and research governance

  • Regulations and policy-mix reviews

  • Open innovation in national and institutional strategies

  • Technology roadmaps and innovation management

  • Technology and business Incubation

  • Public R&D finance and aid management

Cluster management and Economic Geography

  • Smart specialization policies in biobased economies

  • Geography of Entrepreneurship

  • Transition towards more sustainable development

  • Regional policies for regional innovation

  • Business and Management Practices Development

  • Clustering Policy and Implementation

  • Regional Competitiveness

Social Innovation and Social policy

  • Biosocial dynamics and social digital economy

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Social enterprises and corporate social responsibility

  • Informal education and lifelong learning

  • Employment and labour markets

Main Services

Tech strategies and Roadmaps

Development policies

Cluster management

Market research and diagnostic services



Participatory Hub for Effective Mapping & Acceleration



Growth catalyst

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