In addition to our support to local authorities, research councils and public organizations, we offer pro-Bono (free!) consulting services to 10 nonprofits and startups every year, and lo-bono options for all, ECITD consultants can help remove the stucks, and get your operations to the next level. Past projects have included equity research, evidence-based analysis, risk management, Formulation and execution of R&D strategies, marketing and social media planning and execution, creation of position descriptions, technology assessments and development roadmaps, growth strategies and customer outreach. 

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Tech strategies and roadmaps

ECITD and its affiliate partners have issued several innovation performance reviews and studies. It aims to provide a set of recommendations and policy options to stimulate innovation activity, enhance its capacity and improve the overall efficiency of existing innovation system. Close collaboration with the national authorities and other international experts has helped in identifying issues of practical importance and in ensuring the relevance of the review conclusions and recommendations to national circumstances. ECITD has a specialized team in monitoring and analyzing technical, economic, mega trends at different technology development levels. Our research capacities are further augmented via engagement of 40+ consultants in addition to our affiliate teams in the region.

ECITD Strategy-section activities cover the following topics:

Capacities and growth

ECITD capacities and growth section aim not just to maintain the economic progress of existing clusters, but also to create favorable ground for undertaking entrepreneurial profitable ventures. Its activities based on associating and supporting member institutions towards effective investment cooperation. ECITD and its affiliate partners in the region have ample expertise in management of innovation clusters with a track-record in bringing together enterprises that are operating in the same area and dealing with similar business issues. We utilize this proximity to increase production efficiency, get access to highly-qualified human force, as well as combining competences and resources for carrying out joint ventures

Research support

We work to define research programmes for companies or universities. These can be donor-funded i.e EU-funded programmes (Horizon 2020, others) or can be commercial operations.

We implement a wide range of programmes, including:

Enterpreneurship support

We offer results-oriented consultancy support on a number of innovation and entrepreneurship-related issues, including:

Market research

Unlike traditional market research, ECITD analyzes innovation dynamics, competitive capacities, industry convergence, disruptive technologies, tech mega trends, new business models, and emerging markets. Moreover, ECITD delivers evidence-based strategies based on "on-the-ground" analysis and systematic assessments.

Commercialisation support

We work with individual enterpreneurs or research teams as well as research institutions to commercialise research outputs. Our services include: