ECITD has a proven track record of success in delivering results across all areas of technology development and innovation. In the past decade, we have implemented over 50 projects, partnering with 200+ organizations across 57 countries. Our work spans the entire innovation spectrum, from research and development, diagnostics and technical execution to transformational policies and strategies. ECITD teams are made up of corporate experts, scientists, and tech transfer professionals with a wealth of experience in innovation, technology, and business. This unique combination of expertise allows ECITD to provide its beneficiaries with a comprehensive and integrated approach to innovation. 

Over time, our expertise has grown, allowing us to provide our beneficiaries with more than just support and research services. We now offer contingent consultancy through our resource pools, including technical consultants with specific skills sets that can be directly applied to solving current R&D, technology management, and business problems. This provides new and effective opportunities for our beneficiaries.

FEATURED international Projects

For further info about ECITD, try our Projects Management UNIT AI-enabled support

For further info about ECITD, try our AI-enabled support