FEATURED ECITD outputs and services

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Enabling structures and tools

An online platform meticulously evaluating and ranking research outputs, utilizing a developed econometric model to gauge market readiness

Data-driven insights into the water-energy-food nexus in the Mediterranean. An online data hub and observatory featuring data, insights, and analytics about the WEF nexus 

Water, Energy and Food Nexus

Mediternean community of practice

A hub for practitioners featuring best practices from MENA countries and stimulating the adoption of new technologies and practices

Our AI-enabled chatbot is trained on hundreds of cases and ECITD projects, providing comprehensive and up-to-date information on intellectual property rights. It can answer your questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights, and other IP matters. 

Intellectual Property rights e-clinic

A dedicated online hub where SMEs can request consultations on IP-related matters and receive expert guidance within four working days. This service will aid in IP management, protection & exploitation

Evaluate your readiness for an EU competitive application by taking a swift self-assessment of your knowledge.  [Horizon Europe MSCA], e. Corrections, links to resources, useful tips and hints will be provided once you click the submit button. 

Strategic reports and studies

Comprehensive scientific and policy landscape of Personalised Medicine in Africa, featuring key competencies, areas of interest and key collaborators

Energy efficiency & resources utlitzation

This study assesses the energy-resource characteristics and technical challenges of industries in Egypt. It proposes solutions to improve energy efficiency in these industries, with a focus on the MC2 sectors. 

A comprehensive analysis of 605 policy documents across 51 African documents in the field of information and communication technologies. A research brief (publication) is available here, and the comprehensive report is available at our knowledge repository.

This report (with a research brief available as a publication) benchmarks tech alliances and innovation clusters models with a case study of Egypt's tech alliances program. The study identifies the key determinants for productivity, governance, and capabilities in tech alliances and innovation clusters.

Health Stakeholders mapping in Africa

Stakeholders mapping including various sets of actors in Africa; Innovation enablers & health research organizations; research and innovation funders; health system policymakers; healthcare providers; industry and private businesses; and civil society organizations.

Microfinance best practices in Egypt for the MSME Enterprises

Microfinance represents added value for industry and trade in origination and commencement stages, along with the integration it causes in financing products for all sizes of operating projects in Egypt.

These briefs provide concise documents identifying bottlenecks and suggesting solutions to help policymakers in these countries implement the WEFN approach and draw national strategies.

The importance of a meta-cluster in the Mediterranean region lies in its ability to connect and integrate various existing clusters, fostering collaboration and cooperation among diverse stakeholders. By creating an overarching framework, a meta-cluster facilitates the sharing of best practices, resources, and knowledge, leading to a more cohesive and efficient approach to addressing the water-energy-food nexus challenges. 

The report provides an overview of validated technologies and opportunities for valorisation in the Energy and Food sectors. It focuses on the technological assessment of pre-identified opportunities and preliminary financial feasibility. Opportunities covered include prototyped solutions, public domain patents, and opportunities for solution integration. The last section of the report provides a concise roadmap for the development and implementation of selected technologies in the energy and food sectors.

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