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Our team works directly with foundations, governments, bilateral and multilateral agencies, universities, think tanks, thinktankers and their supporters, and the private sector. Our partners, associates and consultants are spread across the world, come from a range of cultural and disciplinary backgrounds and have experience in a range of fields concerning evidence informed policy including the generation, communication and use of good practices in technology development, R&D and innovation.

ECITD invites you to submit your curriculum vitae (CV) for our newly initiated expert database. ECITD hopes to access diverse resources from external experts who can make a valuable contribution to our current and future projects. Our expert database will serve as a first point of engagement when seeking support from professional consultants. We ask that you submit your CV to in an open format, preferably in Word or PDF or simply use the form below. In your CV, kindly include your contact details, academic qualifications and professional competencies. Your data will not be transfered to any other entity without your consent.

Moreover, selected candidates will be invited to join existing national and regional networks which firstly provide members with various networking opportunities, accessing various professional requirements so they may better represent themselves during consultations; secondly these same experts become part of what has been coined “The Panel” which helps technology hubs, thinktanks and startegic committees.

Our networks are great way to meet new people and make connections for business or personal ventures. Diversity in the workplace can lead to creative ideas, so why not find someone who knows what they're talking about? I'm sure you'll have many opportunities with our network!

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