Development policies

ECITD is using the concept of “related variety” to guide policy. Related variety approach promotes knowledge spillovers among stakeholders with related competences and knowledge bases in order to generate new combinations of recommendations and strategies with strong uptake potential while ensure a strong participatory and inclusiveness approach. Our role is to utilize and bring together expertise, insight and experience in the field of innovation policy research, with the aim of advancing its development to concrete actions and instruments and by which priority needs are identified, addressed and disseminated. Moreover, ECITD methodologies follow an evidence-based approach with "on-the-ground" analysis and systematic assessments.

    • Analysis of policy implications in priority areas including Energy, Food, Water and Health
    • Provision of expert advice in the design, formulation, appraisal and review of S&T policies including sub-sectoral policies.
    • Performing benchmarking and scientific research activities in science and developmental policies