Tech Strategies & roadmaps

ECITD and its affiliate partners have issued several innovation performance reviews and studies. It aims to provide a set of recommendations and policy options to stimulate innovation activity, enhance its capacity and improve the overall efficiency of existing innovation system. Close collaboration with the national authorities and other international experts has helped in identifying issues of practical importance and in ensuring the relevance of the review conclusions and recommendations to national circumstances. ECITD has a specialized team in monitoring and analyzing technical, economic, mega trends in different technology development levels. Our research capacities are further augmented via engagement of 40+ consultants in addition to our affiliate teams in Dublin, Rome, Dubai and London.

ECITD Strategy-section activities cover the following topics:

    • Indigenous technology mapping and analysis of skills acquisition methodology
    • Specialized technology roadmap at the institutional and national levels.
    • Performing foresight and risk assessment studies in the fields of science, technology and innovation.
    • Assessment of the compliance level to institutional and national strategies for technology development and innovation.
    • Development of technology development indicators at the institutional and regional levels