Cluster management & PPP

ECITD offers a wide range of innovation-support services to Egyptian companies and research institutions. In this respect, ECITD main goal is to catalyze inclusive growth and ameliorating business conditions in Egypt through systematic and structured mechanisms while accelerating structural transformation by building capacities and improving the business environment. ECITD has a dedicated team specialized in a wide range of innovation support activities including R&D specialists, senior researchers, business analysts, patent attorneys, intellectual property rights professionals and technology subject matter experts. ECITD specialized team tracks technology innovation and offers a series of powerful tools, online modules, and resources.

ECITD capacities and growth section aim to not just maintain the economic progress of existing clusters, but also to create favorable ground for undertaking entrepreneurial profitable ventures. Its activities based on associating and supporting member institutions towards effective investment cooperation. ECITD and its affiliate partners in the region have ample expertise in management of innovation clusters with a track-record in bringing together enterprises that are operating in the same area and dealing with similar business issues. We utilize this proximity to increase production efficiency, get access to highly-qualified human force, as well as combining competences and resources for carrying out joint ventures

Public private partnerships services

ECITD services for PPP ranges from reviewing and advising on business cases to contract management. More specifically ECITD provides support on:

  • Screen priority projects for PPP potential
  • Conduct project feasibility analysis
  • Prepare PPP structure and appraise partnership
  • prepare transaction processes and manage qualification
  • Establish contract management structures
  • Monitor PPP delivery and its risk assessment process